Advice on a girl who has been a long time friend?

My dilemma here is I have a friend who I have been friends with for over 8 years and I'm curious if she likes me because I have taken a liking to her. She has stayed around and dredged through all the crap of my past relationship which you can see in my other questions I have asked. She has always been there for me no matter how stupid I was being in my past relationship I could count on her to give me advise and help me out. Today we went to a concert where we were pretty close quarters being knocked around and such. In-between sets we would inch closer and closer. At one point she gave me her hand so we wouldn't separate when moving but when we stopped she kept holding my hand and didn't stop until we were slammed into when the next set started. On the final set I kept my hand around her waist and she didn't mind or pull away. After the show we had a 3 hour drive home and just talked about bullshit. When I finally got her home we hung around in my car just talking bullshit some more and generally just enjoying convo for about 2 hours we never talked about anything in particular just stuff here and there. Does this mean anything coming from a girl who has been my friend for so long or is it just a friendly thing?


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  • It could be just friendly girls tend to be a lot touchier than guys especially with their friends. At the same time only she knows what she thinks about you so you have to say something. You could hint towards it give her some compliments tell her she is pretty and watch her reaction. Just don't throw it all on her at once if you guys have been friends for so long but maybe plant the idea in her head first and it will happen naturally or not. Just flirt with her she what she does.


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  • usually I would think that it is just a friendly thing, but she could be feeling the same way, especially if you rarely put your arm around her waist. however, she might have some misgivings about whether she is thinking straight, and even if she is, what if it jeopardizes the friendship, you understand what I'm saying?


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  • 1. You're posting anon. We can't see your other questions asked.

    2. As for the girl. I mean it's possible but 8 years is a long time to "just be friends" and the try to switch it up. Not saying it's impossible but it's tough.

    Since you've known each other for so long it's natural that you two are so close. Makes it kind of hard to tell you what really is going on here.

    I say go for it anyway.