So we've admitted to liking each other but we're a bit (lie... ALOT) awkward...?

I told him through text first that I like him and he told me that he liked me too and now we both don't really know what to do... any help please?


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  • I've been in your situation before. But it's nice to know that he actually said he likes you, because sometimes awkward people give off mixed signals. But anyway, if you want to take this further you might need to be the one to take charge. If he is scared to ask you out because of his awkwardness, then you will have to ask him out. That's what I did- I texted the guy I was awkwardly flirting with and said "hey, i was thinking of going to the movies on tuesday. you wanna join me?"


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  • Just say hey you wanna hang out sometime?


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