Ladies, Hair dye and beard? or Natural color and no beard?

I know I am not much to look at. but what is the better of the two looks since I can't make myself good looking.
The ones with me with the natural grey I was about 50-60 lbs heavier though.

  • Keep the beard and keep coloring both
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  • Go back to grey and shave the beard.
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  • your pathetically ugly and it just doesn't matter.
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  • Gosh, you not ugly man!
    Seriously from the first picture I'd totally date you. You look like a happy, approachable, funny guy.

    The black looks very harsh to me, and the beard just hides your facial features. Something about that entire look screams middle aged man from the 70ies to me.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I was feeling down last night when I posted it. Actually, my ego has had a big boost since I started dating after my divorce. I have never had problems getting women to chat. I have not had issues getting dates. My ex never complimented me at all and I had zero self esteem and self confidence after my divorce. Every woman so far has said they like the beard and to keep it. it is a pain to keep colored. sometimes I shave it and just grow it back. only takes a few days.


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  • Keep the beard and keep coloring your hair.It makes you look younger.because you do look younger with the grey hair, too but the hair is grey and it's like something is wrong and that you are young but have grey hair.So keep colouring them, keep the beard and wow you look young!! :)

  • A looks better

  • I'd say the color and the beard.
    Also, this is totally unrelated but I swam with the dolphins in Atlantis too! haha

  • I like the color with the beard

  • Hair dye and bread for sure

  • Both look good, but i like the last two better. Makes you look younger so Voted A.


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