Any advice on how to find out what this guy is feeling?

I've been talking to this guy on/off for about a year now through Skype/messages. The only thing is he lives in the UK and I live in the US. The good news is he is moving soon to the US through his job. The bad news is he is moving no where close to where I live because the open locations for his job transfer are not available near me.

Well, he messaged me today asking where I would live (within the states) if I had a choice and if I could recommend any places since he is only familiar with certain places in the US. I replied to him saying that it all depended on what he was looking for in a city, and I made it clear that I like the region of America that I am in.

I wouldn't have thought much about the message if it had not been for around 6 months ago, I sent him a letter expressing how I felt about him and wish it could work. The distance just was a huge factor at the time. I never heard back from him til now. I'm just tired of avoiding the subject and want to know if I'm a factor of why he is moving or not and if he wants to start something with me. Does anyone have any tips on how I can go about this without seeming crazy?


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  • Move on. You are headed in a dangerous place. Don't give this guy more value than he is willing to give you. I know that this isn't what you'd like for people to say to you...


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  • Awe this sounds like a true romance story I am serious Hollywood should turn this into a movie. I think that he really did have to move to the U.S. for his job it happens especially on business flights anyways you should tell him to come see you. You never know he might go for it.

  • So you're making plans about a guy you've never met, and you want to know how you can go about it without seeming, I can't think of a way.


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