I've initiated everything, does that mean I should stop?

So I met this guy through work, and ended up adding him on facebook, immediately after accepting my request he started talking to me on messenger. He did suggest we get together for drinks, but made no concrete plans. All the other times we have spoken have been brief and initiated by me, but he was very responsive and genuine. Last Wednesday I decided to just go for it, and asked him if he wanted to do the drink on Friday, he readily agreed. Meeting on Friday he decided to take me to a restaurant, and we had a few drinks there. I think the date went really well, as he was very noticeably flirting with me, and at the end of the night he told me to message him my number. I did on Saturday morning and he responded that he had a great time. There has been no other conversation since then. Should I just let it go, because I don't think he seems that interested.


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What Guys Said 1

  • he should get his as up. why I don't see a girl doing all that to me even people call me handsome and shit. girl don't waste any time on a next date with him. if this guy has no balls get rid of him. I get rid of any girl that breaks contact like that. I get so mad of em, its a lack of interest


What Girls Said 1

  • You messaged your number and he hasn't called back. Please dont call him cause the ball is in his court now and calling him at this point will just make you look desperate and pathetic. Also bear in mind that for some guys asking for a chicks phone number is a sport. When it comes to guys... only like them and fall in love with them when they are your boyfriend or your husband otherwise treat them like you enjoy their company but dont give shit if they call or dont call.