How to tell if I act immature when I talk to guys?

I liked this one guy, but he was never really interested in me. He is a year older than me and my friend who is the same age says that I am immature when I talk to him or text him. She says that I use unnecessary emoticons. But it never really occurred to me that, that came across as immature


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  • Did your friend hear it from him, or did she interpret it herself? I might enjoy a text someone sends me and say offhand to someone "[Person] sure uses a lot of emoticons," without thinking that person is immature or harboring any ill-will toward that person.


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  • Hum I never thought that small things like that were immature, maybe he's too damn stuck up or something. To me someone immature will be rude when it's a time to be respectful and polite. Like people who speak without thinking and it isn't appropriate words but maybe he is bugged by you. That's kind of rude of him, unless you give me an example of what you say then I can't really tell if it is or isn't immature.