Would a viral video of a person losing a fist fight and getting knocked out stop you from talking to or dating them?

Would you date someone who you think is cute, has a cool personality, etc; if they was a viral video of them losing a fight and getting knocked out on Facebook, YouTube, and other sites? Let’s say the video has 22 million views altogether. My friend and I agreed that because of insecurity and self-consciousness, most girls around our age (we’re 20 so we teenagers and young adults in their early 20’s) wouldn’t because of how important image, popularity, and likability are to them. We also agreed that more guys wouldn’t care (60:40) and would talk to or date the girl regardless. But then my friend said, “Unless the girl is a fellow old soul, she won’t go anywhere near hear him because she won’t understand how petty it is. She’ll understand how it’s seen as embarrassing like everybody else, but she won’t recognize the pettiness.” I kind of agree with him but I don’t think she would have to be an old soul to get past it and date the guy. We also both agreed that we would date a girl in that position.
Would you date someone in this situation? Do you agree with me and my friend?


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  • If I saw a girl getting knocked out on Facebook I would not date her

    • I don't know why but your answer made me lol

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  • No. Why would such a thing matter to me? You can't win every fight, it's unfortunate the one you lost would be recorded and went viral. But is it a dealbreaker? No. Though I prefer if he didn't fight in the first place.
    BUT if he was one of those types of guys who liked to talk shit and start drama, knowing damn well he got his lights knocked out in a viral video, then I wouldn't date him. Even if the video didn't went viral. Why? Cuz I can't stand drama or trouble makers and especially don't like shit talkers who cannot back it up.

    • Both 19 and 21 year-old me agree

    • You agree with me or your original opinion? Lol

    • Agree with you willing to date the beat down person

  • I would still date him. I wouldn't really care. Considering I like him and that he's attractive to me etc etc

    • Your whole school bullying him/y'all wouldn't change your mind?

  • of course not. if i like him, i really like him and i would also want that he can get even to the guy hehe but i also don't like violence so... :)

    • i mean i would secretly wish he could get even so that he will not feel bad about himself. :)

    • Cool, I thought it would be the other way around with these answers

  • That wouldn't even matter to me in terms of getting into a relationship with him.

  • I wouldn't date a guy who gets into fist fights.

  • I'd still date him as long as he had a semblance of a sense of humor and wouldn't mind me playfully teasing about it now and then.

    • I think most guys wounldn't mind as long as you use it in an argument

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