Help!!! how can I get a girlfriend?

I'm 16 and haven't had a girlfriend. I'm 5'9 and 225lbs and I play baseball and football. I'm shy and have been told that I'm handsome by girls that have friendzoned me. Whenever I try to have a conversation with a girl she tries to end the conversation. I have good hygiene too. How can I get a girlfriend?


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  • Mate work on ur convo skills! I mean talk about interesting stuff and topics in which u know the girls could say a lot about! Besides that! Be urself and laugh and joke! :)


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  • Work on your conversations skills. Sounds like girls don't want to talk to you


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  • I'm no good at conversation either. We're the strong, silent types buddy.

    First things first, lose weight. You can't be all muscle, not at your age, and 225 is way too much for your frame. You should be between 170-190. It depends on your frame.

    Also, don't ask chicks how good looking you are. It's obvious that they'll lie to you. Stop asking victim-like questions. Be a man, carry on and do your thing. You should go around treating all chicks like guys, except for the obvious "guy" conversations. Sounds like you may be intimidated by them too. Eventually you'll be treating them all the same and one of them will make her intentions known, hopefully. Shoot for that one.

  • I think you should be romantic to a girl you really like.dont rush things have nice conversations on the phone or whenever you see her. Hope this helps alittle its not the best but give it a shot