Why isn't he understanding, am I insane or what?

My boyfriend an I are happy but one person I do not like. This girl, an ex of his. They are friends and all but I don't like her. She has a kid which I give respect to her for going through that but if or has been flitting with ma man then she's crossing the line. Il admit I snoop, I'm a girl. I've notice that he'll like all her pictures on Instagram. He doesn't like one of my exs that I still talk to but I don't go and like all his pictures on Instagram. I mean he's even asked me to stop talking to him and im like how can you say that to me when its common sense if i feel the same way about her. My boyfriend and I were talking since November an we've made it official like a couple months ago. I don't have a Facebook but I went on my moms profile and I saw that he called her a 'cutie' on one of his pictures and he put a heart on one of her pictures during the time we were talking. I didn't get mad like throwing shit but i was like 'what's up with this' I confronted him about it and he said that he's sorry tht I had to see that and like he only flirted for a bit but he's feelings for me grew til now and he doesn't do that now. So I'm like 'we'll dont let it happen again' he's gone through my phone like 2 times and questions me about me texting my ex. And I can't go through his phone cuz he doesn't have a phone. And just recently I went on Facebook and say he's married to the same girl who has a kid on Facebook. I was like 'what did I just say last week about the comments' so I confronted him about it and he says its nothing and he told her he's with me now and I just said 'well that's fine if your friends with her but being married to her to pushing it, can you take it down' and he said 'if it bugs you that much then il take it down' I haven't checked if he did cuz I don't wanna get mad. Help me.


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  • He's out of line for sure. He needs to get it together.

    • How can I make him see that it's not okay with me

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    • Ugh that's what I'm afraid of. Gosh I can't be cheated on right now. So many things are going through my mind. I'm sorry I'm having a break down rn. Thanks xx

    • Cheated on never. Sketchy isn't okay...it doesn't definitely mean he is..but i'd not be certain that he isn't...
      Good luck


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  • Break up with his ass. I don't know any dude that plays around like that. He's being a disrespectful retard.

    You want to know why he's hella jealous of you and your ex? Because he's doing stupid shit with his, so he thinks you may be fucking around with yours too. Obviously. Sneaking through your phone? Come on. You two are completely wrong for each other. There's just no trust and deservedly so because he's a fuck up.

    Before you get deeper into this just let him go. I really don't see how you can be "happy" with a dude who plays games the way he does, has women on the side.

    • But I'm not fucking around with my ex

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    • I didn't say you were fucking around. I'm saying that HE is, so he thinks you're doing the same. Get it? He's reflecting his behavior onto you.

      and I don't know sweetie. I don't put up with that kind of shit. My advice is to let him go. Plenty of nice guys like me to go on a date with you. Is this guy that hot that you don't care how he treats you?

    • I kinda don't find it a big deal the way your making it. But I mean other than those problems of her, we are fine. And I don't know he's cute to me. I go over and I have a nice time just being around him

  • That's quite messed up tbh. Punish him! Silent treatment or whatever you lot do.

    Also Just try to find it in your heart that he might still be attracted to his ex and he might leave you for her.

    Most importantly, you're not insane he's just a cunt for doing that to you. Don't take shit from him


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  • Leave himmmmm