He told me I'm like a little sister to him. But I still think he likes me?

Well, I have this friend who I believe likes me. The problem is I have a boyfriend, I think that's why he won't get closer to me. Today he said I'm like his little sister, and that's why he loves me, but everything he does just suggests he might like me. He is caring all the time, always knowing what I do and what I need, he tells everyone how awesome I am, even my parents, stares a lot, tries to make me laugh, honestly tries to impress me. But he's also a very polite guy in general, so I don't know if he might really like me, or if he just thinks of me as a good friend. What would you say?


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  • live your life for what you see as in fact not what you think and hope for


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  • Exactly what he said. I have a friend like that. He looks out for me. At one point I thought he liked me but then I realized nah he just wants what's best. You should keep him as a friend. Besides, you have a bf already lol