Does he not like me or is he trying to be professional?

I really like this guy I work with but I dont know how to proceed with it. Normally if I like a guy I would flirt with him or make the first move but this time its difficult because of the professionalism. I thought he liked me to cause he would always look at me and was always coming close to me and wanting to help me but he hasn't made any moves. I'm wondering if he's also trying to be professional or if he doesn't like me how can I figure this out, do you think its okay if I make the first move keep in mind its a very professional atmosphere that we work in. Any ideas?


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  • You have to be very careful as you don't want to cross the line. I'm in this same situation. I like a girl and she probably likes me and this is where it's difficult to make a decision. I looked at the negative's of what would happen if it didn't work out. Then there's the co-workers who has told me to go for it. Part of me thinks it's strange asking her out at work. I know where we work there are co-workers who like to gossip or I've been told. I think it would be strange asking somebody out at work.

    I know how you feel. I would say talk to him and ask if he wants to get something to eat after work sometime or go have drinks.


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  • Don't bother, it's never worth it in the end.
    If he likes you he'll address you.
    In my experience professional men tend to be direct in what they want.

  • He just sounds like a friendly coworker. Not showing any signs of being more then that

    • How do you know that based on this though? You can't feel the energy between them that obviously exist otherwise she would not be asking the question ;)
      You should just ask him if you wanna hangout, say you have a boring life and he seems fun. Then when you meet snog his brains out which I'm sure your dieing to do ( him as well).

  • How dare you confuse his professionalism with "Romantic Interest"! like get over yourself? He is NOT into you in That Way.. just keeping things professional.. calm yourself!>?