Why does he he want to check my phone now?

Lately it seems like my bf is more interested in my phone. A couple weeks ago we got into an argument and i was gonna go sleep on couch and he's like leave your phone up here. I said no because he wouldn't give me his. Then I took mine with me and the next day I asked why he wanted it and he said so you weren't on it all night. Then when my friend miranda would text me he would say oh what does "miranda" want. As in thinking I changed her name n really it was a guy. Which he knows it's her because he has seen our texts. Guys will flirt with me when we are out and I'm not sure if he is just insecure or what. Also last night I had my phone laying on his chest as I was laying by his shoulder and my phone went off and he is the one that unlocked my phone and went to my messages as it was just my mom n he knew that before opening it. I don't care he checks my phone Cuz I have nothing to hide. I use to ask to check his quite a bit as I had trust issues. I'm jw why he is being like this and seems to be more interested in checking my phone then he was before?

Also we have been dating for 9 months.


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  • He has lost trust in you and is trying to find out if you are doing something behind his back. The best way to deal with this is not to let him check your phone, he needs to be able to start trusting you, otherwise the relationship will crumble. He will try and get into your phone because you will not openly allow him, but just say no every time he asks, but don't stop him doing it, leave your phone around, and if you catch him going through your phone, let him know it has upset you that he no longer trusts you.x

    • I might have a talk with him tonight asking why he all of a sudden likes to check it. The guy below your comment said he could be guilty of cheating or something. Do u think that could be the case? We live together so we r together every night.

    • He could be thinking along the lines that if he has betrayed your trust in any way that you might of as well, hence the reason he needs to check so often. He might not of cheated, but done something naughty that he shouldn't of done. Unfortunately there's no way in proving this, x


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  • he's insecure, jealous and seems to have trust issues

    you may not have anything to hide but you shouldn't cater to his issues simply because he asks. he has to learn how to trust and that comes from within (a willingness to trust) not confirming every text isn't from a guy

    • Well I use to want to check his phone but not anymore because I trust him. We have been dating 9 months and he never use to want to check it. I'm jw why all of a sudden he wants to when I haven't given him a reason not to trust me.

    • it's trust, insecurity, control etc.

      neither of you should feel a need to be checking each other's phone

  • i'd go with insecurity paranoia. Cause he doesn't want you to be doing the same thing that he's doing. Which is looking outside your relationship. Typically, if that starts all of a sudden, it's called a guilty conscience.

    • What What do you mean looking outside our relationship?

    • He's either contemplated another girl, got friendly with another girl, or done something inappropriate with another girl, and guilty, so he's checking your phone, giving you a hard time because of his either infidelity or insecurity of u doing the same.

    • Well when I would check his phone I didn't have any of that. I wasn't cheating or doing anything I shouldn't have done.

  • It could be a childish way of getting "revenge". Treating you, the way you treated him.

    Or maybe something has happened that has broken his trust in you. So he's checking up. Trying to find something out.

  • insecurity..

  • He got paranoid.

    • We have been dating for 9 months. How would be just all of a sudden get paranoid

  • He is insecure and paranoid, for whatever reason.

    Sometimes people who cheat are the most paranoid.

    • So u saying he cheated?

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  • You already asked this...

    • I've never asked this.

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    • He let's me check his phone whenever but sometimes he gets mad because he wants me to just be able to trust him.

    • Why should you do that when he doesn't trust you? Flip the situation to him.