Why does another guy i know have pictures of my GF in his phone?

I was having a conversation with a few other people and I saw my gf on this guys phone. The pictures weren't ones she had posted to instagram they were the same ones she sent me last week and one from last year.
Should I be ok with this because its no way he got them unless she is talking to him on the side.

Also she hangs out around this girl the guy used to go out with


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  • All you can do is ask her... And read her reaction. Guilt is very easy to detect... at the end of the day, you'll find out the truth and thas all that matters.

    I doubt you should be okay with it.

    • How could i read her reaction?

    • I’m not a lie detector but I am good at reading ppls body language. For one, I always judge from the reaction. Often when someone is lying they may get angry easily, or they may try to avert the question/ make excuses. Just ask her and see what her answer is. If she straight out refuses anything is up, then you know for sure she’s lying. It’s not hard to tell when someone is making excuses… and besides, the pictures didn’t end up there out of nowhere.
      The best bet is to ask her and see what she says- after that, follow your instinct :)

    • by the way thanks for the Mh! ;)


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  • NO, you shouldn't be okay with it. YOu should talk to her, and see what her answer/excuse will be

  • Not cool I would trip about that..ask her why first though


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  • He either stole them from a site like Facebook or your girlfriend and him have something going on behind your back. I'd be hella insulted if one of my friends had a picture of my girlfriend in his phone. Not insulted that he found her attractive enough to have in his phone, of course. Insulted because he's secretly lusting after my lady.

  • If I were you I would not be OK with that...something really seems off. Did you ask him/her about the pictures?

    There could be a logical explanation but I can't think of one.

    • I haven't asked her yet and she won't even respond to my text messages