Why would a guy want you to come round even when your really sick?

So I was really sick the other weekend, I came down with a sickness bug and spent the whole night picking. My guy friend who is more then a friend but not dating, drunk texted me to go spoon him.

I told him I was I'll so forth. The next day he invited me around his again, and I told him I was really I'll and may have to go to hospital his response was 'nooooo! Come here.' He then joked about how there might be a fight to use the toilet when throwing up.

I thought guys hated having to deal with girls when they're like that? He was obviously hungover and he wouldn't be getting anything sexually so why do guys bother trying even when they know your in that state?


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  • i hang out with friends of both genders if they are sick as long as they donĀ“t bother. especially if its a girl i am slightly interested in ;)... i mean as long its not something fatal. i never get ill anyways and if i do it usually only lasts for a day or so


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  • Probably because he cares about you and wants to show you that it don't matter how sick you are, he still wants to see you. I think this guy likes you.

  • He's an inconsiderate jerk. That's the only way to explain it.


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