GIRLS: If YOU were texting a guy and the conversation ended at this point, would YOU think anything of it, or would it be ok to you?

Yesterday, you were texting a guy and things were going well - fast responses, good conversation, etc. Today, you texted him and said this:

Her: "Hey, I listened to your new song today... I love it, it's amazingly good!"
Me: "Thanks a lot I'm glad you like it :) I put a lot into it"
Her: "It definitely shows that you put a lot into it :)"
Me: "Thanks Susan :)"
Her: "You're welcome :)"

The conversation ended at that point. Does that seem like a natural place to end it? Or would you have expected him to say something else? I didn't ask anything else because I didn't have much to say and we had talked yesterday... it felt right at the time, but now I'm thinking about it and worrying that I should have continued the conversation, or that she thinks I'm not interested or something...


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  • She might deff. think you're not interested. Go ahead and text her back. Esp since she was the last one to text you..more then likely she's been waiting lol


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  • There want anymore to say, you didn't want to make it awkward

  • That's a good way to end it..but if you wanna keep talking to her be like 'so wyd?:)' and then you'll keep it going that way

  • seems fine to me, may be think of something else to talk about now to get it going...

  • It seems like she wanted you to say more but no it's not an awkward ending.


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