So I like this guy but its complicated.?

Okay so I like this guy I work with. We've got so close. He's one of the general managers. So apparently he found out I like him but doesn't believe it. So when my friend and him were working he asked her if it was really true that I like him or she was just playing around with him. So she said yeah that it was true but he wouldn't believe her so then she called me and he asked me well kinda like he wouldn't ask me straight out and he kept repeating himself as if he was nervous so I finally told him and he said he was surprised he said he feels flatter.. What is that even suppose to mean? Anyways he said he thinks I'm pretty and I have a great personality. So we hung out on Thursday but my friend told me that he told his friend (co worker) what we talked and that apparently he said he didn't wanted to go to the movies ( we were supposed to hangout in a group and go to the movies and he had previously said yes ) so them the guy told the girl he likes (another co worker) and she told my friend so my friend told me. So then he texted me and I told him that I know he felt and I told him he doesn't have to go that it was never my intention to make him feel forced to go cause I was told that he didn't wanted to go and he said he never said that. So my friend ask the girl and now she's saying she never said that. So I feel like someone is lying. He makes things so confusing like there's times that make me think he likes me cause he tries to flirt but then I feel like he only sees me as a good friend. How can I tell? Help please!


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  • This guy is a very shy guy, or he's trouble, the fact he didn't just tell you straight up and you 2 had to play chinese whispers, is a bit of a warning sign in my opinion, but that could be just me. Just be straight up, be honest with him, there's never a better time to start communicating than the start of the relationship, because that will only lead to establishing a relationship based on communication, which is the ONLY way any relationship can work and work well in the long term.

  • Some how I think he is like you but you are too prefect in his views, about that he didn't want to see moive probably he was just want to spend times with you no matter how to spend times you want.(just for my poinion)


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