Why would a man tell a woman he wants to get married, but tell other people he doesn't?

Why would a man tell his GF he wants to marry her and build a life together, but then tell other people he doesn't want to get married? And i am not talking about him telling just other females, as in flirting or trying to pick up.


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  • Not good. He cares what other people think in the sense that he won't even lie to them as he is to you. He WANTS THEM to know what a "free man" he is, and tells you things will progress just to appease you and keep you around and on HIS terms.
    I married a guy like that. We were together 10 years before he proposed. We are divorced now. He never wanted to truly commit. Don't waste another 4 years or more, things won't change or get better. He's showing you how it will be- his terms, this!


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  • He's lying to someone. Not necessarily the girl friend.


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  • Who is he telling it to? His buddies? His family?

    • both, when his mom asked he didn't answer, i am blessed with a great relationship with his mom, she said when she asked him what he plans to do being we have a kid together , he saids nothing, but he is constantly blowing smoke up ass with promises

    • its going to be 4 years now

    • have you asked him why he's saying two different things?