Shy boyfriend won't hold my hand?

So, I have a VERY shy boyfriend. He won't hold my hand, kiss, OR hug me. My friend has been convincing him, but he won't do it. And NO, I'm NOT making the first move.

We're in middle school, and shy. Help? Please?


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  • I had a girlfriend like that. I made the first move but she never tried to do any of that stuff. I ended up breaking up with her.
    Just talk to him; be honest. You're in middle school, and you're learning your way around the dating biz, so it's natural for him to be shy at first. With time, he should warm up to it.


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  • That's the problem he is young and middle school wait for few years before getting into that stuff, try waiting for your freshman year of high school

  • Get real close to him when u talk. Look at his mouth. Lean in a little when u talk to him.


What Girls Said 1

  • You're in middle school. You're not even in high school yet.
    I know you don't want to hear this, but you're a kid. I know you probably feel like you're ready to kiss and all this stuff but, honestly, you're not. What are you, 12 or 13?

    Trust me, I'm in high school, and when I'm around middle schoolers I laugh at how mature some of them try to act or view themselves as being. No doubt, adults look at high schoolers the same way, little punks that try to act all grown when they're anything but. Middle schoolers look like nothing more than little kids going through puberty. You're really not old enough to understand the seriousness of a relationship yet (which is why you already having a boyfriend befuddles me). So try to imitate your shy boyfriend's behavior and hold off from the kissing and whatnot as well.