HELP! How do I date a shy guy?

What is it like to date a shy guy? I REALLY like this guy but I can tell he is intimidated by me. How can I help him feel at ease? What are some characteristics that I should be aware of to help me through these beginning stages?


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  • I'm a shy guy, and one of the reasons to why I'm shy is because I have trouble trusting people, so the most important thing is to make him feel comfortable with you. Just go talk to him, treat him like if he was your friend, but not too much touching at first, as he's not too comfortable.
    Don't treat him like a shy guy. People think that shy guys need to be treated with more delicacy; no, we just need more time to feel comfortable around you.

    Smile, a lot. Show him that you like to be around him, that you enjoy his company.
    And as I said, give him time, don't expect results in two days, give him a week or maybe two.


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  • I am that shy guy your talking about

    • Help me please! I don't know where to start. What is typical behavior?

    • When your on your first date you have to be outgoing, you have to smile a lot make him feel at ease, you have to let your eyes show him that you like him and that your very kind and sweet. You have to say things he likes to hear. Build him up. say some funny things. The worse thing you can do is be a stick in the mud and don't say much or if you have a boring look on your face like you don't care will ruin it. Smile a lot be into him and you will be just fine. I am telling you all this because I am that shy guy.

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  • Unfortunately the way we treat shy guys only reinforces their shyness.