If a guy discusses his future plans with you?

What does it mean if a guy tells you about his future career plans? We haven't been dating very long, although we've made a few plans for the upcoming months & says he hopes it'll be a good year & he uses we/us a lot. Asks a lot what I'm looking for & what I would like to happen, seems to work with me on the same page, openly & honestly expresses what he feels/is thinking & told me he will always make time for me. He is now discussing his future career goals with me, but I don't see where I fit in to his plan in all this. He always keeps me informed on where he's at, what's going on or even just random things he'll text, even if I don't ask & even if he's busy he will let me know he's busy & that he will talk with me later which he always does so I can't fault him. I'm just confused as to if he really see's this going anywhere if he's discussing future career plans with me because he knows I'm unable to travel as I have work commitments that require me to be here... Please help!


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  • wats he doing .. ?


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  • Sounds like he is just discussing what going on in his life, you are in a relationship