He told the store manager we are seeing each other?

The guy I'm seeing/friends with benefits told our boss that we are seeing each other. When a man says to someone we are seeing each other what does it mean? We have been talking and he he doesn't want to commit but then he said I'm relationship material?


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  • Being he is not Ready for you to be Right Now 'relationship material,' he is actually thinking down the road that you both Could be. So when your 'friend with benefits' tells his boss that you both are 'seeing each other,' he means you both are in this 'dating stats' without calling it----Friends with benefits.
    It's actually flattering that he would admit to him you are sort of 'together.' And the way for you to look at things at this moment is: You are both exclusive, although Not Official.
    Good luck.xx

    • Thank you so much for the advice means a lot My boss said to him good on ya :) I hope something more progresses

    • With friends with benefits it's not always a guarantee, but he IS showing and telling you you may be the one in the future. It is looking promising if he is talking to the "Big One.":)) xx


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  • I think you're reading into it too much. You guys are close, but not dating, and he's not ready to move into that. Don't overthink it

  • He might have just told guys that he's banging you. Guys like to talk about their conquests.


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  • He just put you in bf/gf status, was your boss showing interest in one of you?

    • No he's not interested he is married with two kids. The boss/store manager doesn't care he said good on ya. I just wanted to know what seeing each other means when a guy says it tougher to another guy.

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    • I would but I'm too scared to hear what he might say or do.

    • well, if you do start a relationship, you can't be afraid to voice you concerns or ask questions