Women, how long would you wait if you knew for sure he liked you?

Say you 100% knew a guy was interested in you but you were in a relationship for awhile. The relationship ends and you know the guy is still into you. My question is this: How long would you wait for said guy to make a move before moving on? Would you make a move first?


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  • I was friends with a guy once and waited 4 years lol, but I knew he liked me and I really liked him. In the future I certainly wouldn't wait that long, it plays with your head and emotions too much.

    If he was shy or I wasn't sure how he felt I would make a first move but if he wasn't responding or couldn't make his mind up I would move on. It doesn't do much for your self esteem and confidence not knowing if someone really likes you and it's no fun doing all the chasing.

    So I guess if we were friends and there was definitely something there under the surface I could wait a year or two. If someone is worth the wait then I'll wait :)

    • How come you two waited so long?

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    • What made it finally move beyond that point?

    • I told him properly how I felt and he felt the same way and gradually we just got closer. It seems stupid now that it took so long but he is my best friend first and I didn't want to lose that at the time.

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  • I would be direct if I knew he liked me I wouldn't waste time. Id be upfront with how I felt and what I may need to do or want and get to know him. See if we click what he may want and if anything see if we can date or feel each other out. But to wait it really depends on why the guy doesn't wanna date right away and if I understand I can wait but their has ti be a clear understanding if someone else comes along and he ready and going to step up to the plate and the other guy feeling out other girls im not waiting im not a option.

    • I mean like you know the guy would be open to seeing you but he's not making a move after you got out of a relationship. It sounds like you would just be direct about it and see if he still feels the same way?

    • Oh then yea il would be direct but if i got out of a relationship i would see if he ok with just giving me afew months no more then 2 or 3 so I can make sure im over the guy and im into him. But if some other girl comes along and im not ready then it my lost

  • I would make it known that I'm not in a relationship any longer. Then I would allow him to be a man and approach me when he is ready but I would only wait 3 months that way I would be ready mentally for another relationship. Some guys aren't stupid to rush a girl who just got out of a relationship that didn't work out...and if he really likes me he wouldn't want to be the rebound dude. But nothing wouldn't stop him from getting to know me again until he make his move in 3 months or less.

    • What about beyond going out. Like he asks you to dinner or something, things seem to go well, etc. etc. but he doesn't make the move for a kiss or anything. Would you make the move first or simply move on if after a couple times of him not making a move?

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    • So I'm guessing if you're out with a guy on a date like activity and seem like you're having a good time, he should just assume the interest is there and go for it?

    • No...that's his job to figure that out by talking when to make his move or if he should go for it or ask can he go for it. Depends on the girl.. some guys like aggressive women but it's for him to figure it out

  • I would let him know right away that I was available


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