If a guy is too shy to make the first move, is that a deal breaker?

Say you two talk often, he asks you out to dinner and such, you go out and have a great time. It feels very date like and you two for the most part are pretty close- but he never seems to make a move beyond that, how would you react?

Would it be a deal breaker if the guy doesn't go in for the kiss? Would you simply move on?


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  • No I would give him more time..you gotta go for the first move though don't wait too long cause then she'll feel like you guys are nothing but friends and eventually shell loose interest

    • Alright that's what I'm getting at though. The guy HAS to make that first move eventually or she's just going to move on, right?

    • Maybe I mean a guy doesn't HAVE to there's plenty of girls who go for the first move. But depending on the girl. If she's the type who doesn't go for the first move then yeah sooner or later shell loose interest


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  • i just play dumb and wait. sometimes takes hours.

  • im going through this right now...were both shy but i am making more effort and its frustrating for me cause i wanna get it going already like ask me out lets date already!! i think at first its cute and gives me time to think about him develop feelings for him but then when I've decided i like hhim i want to go out already...i dont want no more games and hot and cold stuff.

  • For a shy girl it definitely is

    For an outgoing girl it might not be


What Guys Said 1

  • In my experience, going for a "cold kiss" is one of the hardest things to do so don't set yourself up to have to make one.

    Here are some tips you must consider before even leaving the house:

    1. Get excited. Shy time is over, you've landed the date. As rigid as this sounds, dates are interviews for a potential romantic partner. Potential. Nothing is set in stone and you''ll be fine no matter how it ends. The pressure is off. Get excited to meet her!

    2. When you meet her, make eye contact. Smile. Let your positive feelings shine through body language. Most importantly, go for contact now! Go for a hug. Break down the barrier between you two. If she's fine with it, awesome. If not, say "okay too soon no problem!" she's a bit prickly so be wary, kissing may not be in the near future.

    3. Be physically endearing over the course of the date. Compliment her appearance between talking points. Touch her whenever possible. Feel her dress. Touch her wedding ring (lol jk). Let her know she smells divine. If she feels that you admire her in a selfless manner, she will open up her legs (lol jk again) seriously, she will let her guard down.

    If the date goes well and you're holding hands on the way out, tell her you had a great time and you look forward to seeing her again. Right before saying goodbye, get close for a hug and then go for a casual cheek kiss. If she's tipsy and into you, she''ll even up the ante (in my experience :P).

    As you can see, it's a process that starts from the very first smile in front of the mirror. You have to be ready. If not, it's gonna be a long night.