My friend's boyfriend going off to have sex with another girl, what should she do?

Here's the situation: BFF is saving herself for marriage. Got into an argument with boyfriend. Next day, boyfriend says he deeply loves her but need to satisfy his sexual needs. So, he goes off to find a one night stand.

She calls me confused and hurt. I tell her, depending on her views, she should either work through this or dump him.

Should I have just told her to dump him? I'm looking for more guys to answer this, but female answers are just as appreciated.

Regardless, I told her to NOT sleep with him.


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  • in my oppinion the waiting till marriage thing is romantic on the one hand and the shit on the other hand... romantic for the obvious reasons and the shit, because you just don´t know if you are suitable for each other in the sexual way. if you can´t consent on having no sex before marriage, you have two options:
    1. ditch those medieval standards... the "no sex before marriage" thing comes from a time where you were married at the age of 13 or 14.
    2. ditch the guy and hope, you can find one that wants to wait too.


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  • Yeah i say dump him. Dont stick with a cheater. Once a cheater, always a cheater. And hasn't he ever heard of self serving?

  • She should break up with him. If he is not willing to uphold the sanctity of the relationship and respect her wishes, then the relationship is doomed. Looking outside of the relationship for sex is never a good thing. They clearly have divergent expectations pertaining to their partner of choice.


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  • She should break up with him. He clearly just wants her for sex and was just telling her he loves her so she would feel guilty and have sex.

    If she wants to save herself for marriage, she should 100%.