Does age really not matter when it comes to relationships?

I'm 18, he's probably 29... I've liked a guy that works next door to my workplace for a while now. Before we got in contact, we always smiled at each other and I could always feel him staring at me. I found out he liked me, and I let him know last night (when I gave him my phone number) that I like him too. We haven't spoken much yet, just introducing ourselves, because it was late at night.

I really do like him, but I don't know if it's right because of the age difference. I'm certain that he thinks I'm over my 20s but I'm not and I'm afraid he won't like me anymore when he finds out I'm just 18.

Please, help?


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  • So you've never even met, you've just introduced yourselves to each other pretty much, and you're already liking each other?

    ...well that's a quantity of information that I would say does not warrant neither marriage nor a romantic relationship. So what exactly do you like about him, his looks and smile?

    Anyways, while it can work (and is technically legal), I find it odd when someone goes out of the range of +- 3 years, considering people of certain age groups tend to have more things in common. But that's just my personal take on it.

    • I know, it sounds really silly. Especially since I've never talked with him past a "hi, how are you?" mostly because he's quite a shy guy. But there's a connection that I can't really explain, and the age difference bothers me. Girls my age should not be interested in someone that older.

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    • Well, *I* personally would prefer looking at my age range, primarily. But that really is just me. My brother actually met her girlfriend through an internet friend of his through Facebook (living in the same city, same country :p) and he just found her extremely attractive based on pictures, they met and they clicked near-instantly and were in a fairly well functioning relationship after about 2 or 3 dates. I think that's a really quick way to go at it, I rather prefer to tread slowly and surely to make sure I'm not making a mistake, BUT they're still together and it's been 3 years, so overall it can work out nicely.

      So assuming that the guy is mutually interested, of course he would want things to work out, you can't really get results without trying. The chances for success are there, so I'm not stopping you, that's for certain.

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate it immensely!


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  • I dated a girl that was 18 and I was 27.We got along wonderfully for about a year before we broke up.She had not dated anyone previously, and after a while she wanted to "test the waters" to see what other guys were like.If you are just meeting this guy, you don't know yet if you want to date him until you have spent a little time with him.He of course likes a hot young girl, so go slow until you are ready.It probably won't be a long term thing, but could be fun if he treats you right because he is more experienced.

  • In my opinion it could/would be an issue. 10 years difference at your age is a lot. Because of life experiences. As well as a young women you are still maturing. Mentally.

    If it was 39 and 28. I'd say go for it.

    I'm not saying a relationship between you two won't work. But if I was a betting man. My money would be on, it won't.

    • So you just think it's not likely to function properly because we're not in suitable age groups?

    • Pretty much. You won't be able to relate to him in ways because of life experiences. And another problem could be. You'll want to do things with your friends and have him there. But there will be a number of times he won't go because he's "been there, done that". And you will stop going. Which after a while will cause friction. Because you want to be with your friends and him.

      And on the other side of the coin. You will get bored when you are with his friends. You will feel like an outcast because of the age difference.

      Sorry but it's what I feel.

    • I completely understand you, it does make a lot of sense..

  • If you can relate to each other and you make each other happy then no, the age difference doesn't matter.

  • I dated a girl who was 18 when I was 29. It was wonderful. College got in the way for us but it was a wonderful relationship while it lasted. It totally depends on the 2 involved.

  • You're legal. Although if you're still in high school, that's weird.


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  • In some cases it matter because of life experience issues. Its hard to connect at times with someone who doesn't have life experience.

    • I don't have much life experience at all. Would that be a major issue? Is it something that can be worked on?

    • LIFE EXPERIENCE is gained by...LIVING. That's all you can do to improve is LIVE. For someone who has 10 years more life experience than you do there very well might be a disconnect with where you are in your lives. Thats why dating someone too young or too old could be an issue. Example: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Granted they are celebs, but I Demi was 50 I believe when her Ashton got married. She has kids, was divorced etc. She failed at trying to become "younger" through her behavior trying to somehow Identify with Ashton who is years younger. Different places in life, different life experience. I would be super curious that a 30 year old wants to date a teenager. I find t disgusting to be honest. When I was younger, dating guys much older was thought of as fun, but as you grow and mature, you will probably think differently. If you had a daughter who was 18, would you want her to date someone who was 30? You wouldn't question that? Who cares if she is LEGAL.

    • Yeah, you're absolutely right..