My ex being rude to me now that he's talking to someone new after a year of being broken up?

Me and my ex broke up a year ago..We were decent friends but had little arguments here and 6 months after we broke up he said he was gona ask this girl out (who by the way was a hoe) i got mad n stop talking to him..after a month he text me hey how are etc..We got along a little better & even had sex still but we said we were friends its hit a year being broken up & he starts talking to this girl & is being rude & saying stuff to wear it hurts like she's better than me..When it would be just me & him he's find but when it comes to her he does a flip in attitude & says were just friends remember you said to move on (btw he said we should but still had sex) and puts me down..after 31/2 yr relationship & so much effort put into or relationship and friendship why would he treat me like that?

he gave so many reasons on why we broke was his mom cause she started fights, he lost feelings, i didn't wana do anuthing (which was bs) etc..dont really know the anwer


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  • you really should move on and find someone who will treat you better. by all means continue to be friends but with out the sex. that is all he is using you for and you will soon find that out once you stop giving in. remember you dont know what you had till its gone.


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  • Don't know the reason for breakup...

    But maybe he wanted to reconcile when he told you he was going to ask this other chick out.
    I mean why else say so.

    You probably didn't though, so then he moved on.


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  • Move on get away from him you guys are just over complicating everything, don't be like like me when you get to the stage where you feel so shit about how he treats you that you take it out on yourself because it is so easy to just say no and block him from your life, exs are exs for a reason. Block him on everything and live your life because the waiting game and the guessing game and the jerk game is never worth it