All of a sudden she blocks me on whatsapp for no appearant reason?

I was just chatting with a girl, we we're planning to go on a date next week. We're just talking about her day when all of a sudden she did not respond anymore. I could not see her profile picture, next time online or status. This is an indication that you're blocked on whatsapp, but as far as I know, there was no reason to block me :/

My heart has been broken too many times, I just feel like I'm done with this. I always respected women, but I am starting to loose that respect after all the shit and heart breaks they have given me in the past years. I feel so depressed and unwanted right now and of course I still don't know why she blocked me, we were doing so well.

I just don't want m heart to be broken another time, I don't think I can take it.


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  • Tell her whatsapp in real life then. at least she can't press a block button.

    In all.seriousness, Screw her. she's not worth it. The right woman will come along when you least expect it. It is when yiu dont search things come unexpectedly. Enjoy life, grab some popcorn and let it hsppen. Have self confidence :-)


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  • She didn't want to go out with you

  • Maybe she has a boyfriend and doesn't want the possibility of you messaging her and him reading it. I speak from experience.


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  • Her bf probably caught her.