I have nothing to talk about with girls?

I get lot of numbers it's starts of well but it fades away cos I usually have nothing absolutely nothing to say, any advice on stuff I could use to get the convo going thanks.


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  • Just ask her to tell you about herself and see where it goes from there :)

    • And what if you have already done that

    • Okay so I'm going to be 100% real when you talk to someone and its kind of a struggle just to have a conversation that might not be the right girl but if you find one and the talking just becomes completely natural and easy then you might be in to something :) hope this might help


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  • if u r in uni I have the perfect convo starter 4 u:
    "hey, sorry to bother u, do u know where the (insert name of class u take) class is?"
    "Yeah, it's (insert directions)"
    "Thanks. Hey, r u in that class by any chance?"
    "No, why?"
    "Well, it's just, it's a pretty boring class, I was hoping u spending it with someone like u might make it bearable."
    or, if she says yes:
    "can I, ah, walk u there? I might need guiding again. or, u know, I could protect u from an alien attack. whatever comes first."


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  • Find a gamer girl! They're awesome. Not all women are into Twilight.

    • Am not good at gaming it would be bad if she beat me to it

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    • ...not all are married, y'know. Some are still to young to do so *SUBTLY POINTS TO HERSELF*

    • Also, it's not about winning, it's about having fun. Play coop.

  • You can talk about how you have nothing to talk about.

    • I'm not kidding.

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    • I actually agree on this, and I do it too... I think acknowledging it makes it oddly less awkward. You can discuss how horrible awkward pauses are! Also, poking fun at yourself is an icebreaker too. The ability to make something a little less uncomfortable helps a lot. I hate when conversations stay stuck on Q&A sessions. Just start talking about your thoughts on something or some story, and give her a chance to chime in or tell about a relevant experience.

    • I will def try this thanks

  • Lol yeah that could be a problem.

    Do you do anything interesting?

    • No I just go to school so u can see where am at

  • Ask her questions about herself. It can be anything really even if its kinda dumb. Girls love to talk about themselves. Remember these phrases or something similar: tell me more, tell me about that, why do you think/feel that way, etc.