How come girls quit responding to my messages after messaging a few times?

Like for example i'll message a girl online and we can exchange messages back and forth like 5 or 6 times within a 20 or 30 minute period and then I won't hear back again from her. I think asking her for her number or a date is a little early even after messaging one another 5 times. Right?

I don't know. I mean honestly I don't think it's really fair to judge whether or not someone is boring just by going off of a few messages sent on a dating site. That's why you go on a date and see how the person is.
Half the time I get frustrated and think the girls are the boring ones. I get tired of leading the conversation when they could easily put in a little more effort and take the conversation in a different direction and keep carrying on.


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  • If multiple girls are doing it, then there's probably something about the way you communicate that turns females off.
    I can't really tell you for sure without seeing the exact messages, but it could be because...
    1. You come off as very clingy/needy which is unattractive when someone has just met you
    2. Creepy vibe: something about your persistence strikes a red flag/ you emphasize on her looks or make too many sexual references
    3. She simply didn't feel a strong chemistry/connection
    4. She had more important things to be doing besides sitting on GAG trying to make fleeting friendships
    5. Socializing online just isn't a form of communication she's very interested in or good at.


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  • You probably say something stupid or inappropriate. Post some of the conversations so we can tell you exactly whats going on.

  • Dont take it personally. I had tried a dating site, never did it before, some truly cool guys messaged me and I talked to them a bit but decided today I'm not ready to date yet and I don't wanna go looking for it. But that doesn't mean the guys weren't worth it - so what I am saying is you never know why they quit. Just don't assume it is anything you did.

  • Boredom
    Trying to have a breather
    Some things don't last forever
    Other important things to tend to

    Basically you are not number 1 on her priority list.

  • Maybe you're boring :(


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  • Get her number within 5 messages or skip over her. This helped me get into real life dates extremely fast. Like literally meeting 2 girls back to back on the same day/night fast (this way if you hit it off with one, you can reschedule with the other making up and excuse).

    If she's too scared to exchange and gives you all that "it's too scary" stuff she's basically telling you she wants attention online and nothing more. Suggest coffee meets or anything else that's low/no cost and 20-30minutes long with an easy exit and in public. No suggesting to come over.

    Most girls actually have dating profiles for ego boosts with no intention of meeting anybody. They're basically single and feel unwanted and want to see an inbox of desperate guys telling them they are pretty while they post overhead angles and face only photos hiding their excess weight (which is why they're single).