Great first date, but he's going out of the country for two weeks…will he call again?

This was probably one of the best first dates I've been on. He was better looking than I anticipated, so kind, funny, interested and he kept the date going. We ended up hanging out for three hours and if it wasn't midnight on a Wednesday I think it would have gone longer. By the end of the date we were finishing each other's sentences and laughing before the other finished their joke…that's how much of the same wavelength we were on. The only part that was weird was that at the end he seemed like he didn't know how to say goodbye and was sort of awkward at the cab so he asked to share a cab. Only we live in opposite directions so he went like 15 minutes out of his way to drop me off at my apartment. He got out we chatted a little more. Both of us mentioned how great of a time we had and then he gave me a hug, chatted a little more and then I say "I hope we can do this again soon" and he says "yeah, well I'll be back in the city in June so we'll have to get together then" (we had talked about his trips during the date…so it was legit) and I laugh and go "haha oh okay, well it's been real then!" and then he says "No, don't take it that way" pulls me into a hug and then i pull away and our eyes meet and he kisses me…and that felt ridiculously right too. We end up making out in front of my apartment for like ten minutes. Eventually he leaves a few minutes after I say he isn't coming upstairs…which he says "that's fair". So I really really really want to see him again but he's on the opposite coast as me right now for the holiday weekend visiting family/celebrating his birthday so I haven't really heard from him. I sent him a text on Friday with a funny follow up question/joke and he responded…but hours later. That' it….so i'm worried that such a great date with such obvious connection won't generate a second date because of his traveling. Is it possible he'll text me when he's back in town? What makes a guy want a second date?


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  • Guys are pretty uncomplicated. He hasn't forgotten about you, and if he wants to see you-will let you know! Good luck!


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  • i bet he will see you again, it'll just be in awhile because of his traveling. he'll probably text when he can, but remember some guys don't like texting.