At what point should I give up pursuing a guy?

He seems kind of shy, but I don't want to look too pushy or forward either. At what point should I give up pursuing him?


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  • If he's shy then it will probably be hard to open him up. Try smiling at him a lot more and such.. try doing this for a week or two and if he doesn't respond then he's probably not that interested. However, you should still try just don't be as forward but make sure that he gets the hint still because he might like you but is just too shy to do anything still.. did you initiate conversation with this guy? How did you two meet?

    • I've initiated conversations over text...which he responds to, but he's not much of a texter. In person, we both talk, make conversation, and joke around. We met at school.

    • Hmm, i see. Not much i can work off here but maybe just ask him to chill or something. Tell him that you and your friends are going out and ask if he wants hang out with you guys.

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  • When he let's you know he's not interested.

  • When he ignores your call/text multiple times
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  • Well since your a girl you don't have to give up only the guy does. I keep saying it girls don't have to do anything to get dates you guys just get them. Even if its not with someone you wanted to date, there's always a guy out there willing to date you. And when did it become a rule/law that the girl can't come off as pushy or desperate? But when a guy is he comes off as a loser trying to hard.

    • it's not a "rule" that a girl can't be pushy or desperate...I don't care if other girls are, but I, MYSELF don't want to be pushy or desperate...that's not who I am and I'm not desperate for a boyfriend. I just really like this particular guy.

    • That's what I'm trying to tell you, You have a 10-1 better odds of actually landing the guy compared to if you were a guy trying to land the girl. Good luck.

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