HOW to meet guys? please help?

Hi :) I'm in my freshman year of uni and I was just wondering where I can meet guys! I've never dated once in my life because I've always been focusing on my studies and sport/extra curricular stuff, and don't really know where to look. I have been to the pub with my friends but many of the guys there seem dodgy. I just want to meet a nice guy who has a greater chance of being loyal rather than hitting on someone at the pub.

Should I do volunteering somewhere, or join clubs/societies?

Please give me some advice.

Thanks!! :)


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  • It's a good idea to keep sex and alcohol as separate as possible, it dulls mind and body and you wake up next to people you would never have wanted to. What sports, if they include sports like tennis, golf, volleyball etc. there are pretty good ways to meet guys like that. Is there a guy in any of your classes? Usually there's music on or near campus and that's a good way to socialize


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  • Go to an NFL game you will meet many of them LOL

  • In class. It's probably the easiest way to meet new people.. Just go sit next to the attractive guy in there and strike up a conversation about your class haha.


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