Please help me out with this situation?

I am an insecure person and have trust issues due to guys I've dated in the past. I have the tendency to check my bfs phone. He knows I do sometimes and sometimes I do it when he is in the shower or busy. Most people would say why are you checking his phone anyways. I do it because I am trying to help my trust issues and overcome them. By checking them and seeing that he is not texting other girls or doing something behind my backs helps me not think it. He has his phone set at 200 for text messages for each person. I like that because when I did thought he was texting a girl he wasn't because the text number was still the same. But to get back on this Facebook deal awhile ago I checked his inboxes and i saw where he was talking to this girl. Alls it said was happy birthday and he asked her to go to his friends wedding. This was before we were dating. He asked me to go to the wedding but I wasn't interest in him at the time. Weird i know especially since we are dating now Probably about 2 months or so ago I noticed it was gone. I didn’t bring it up when I found out because I didn’t think it was a big deal. Then last week we got in a fight and I brought it up and he denied deleting it at first. Then he said that he did delete it but doesn't know what the big deal is. And that its his phone and he can delete what he wants. Which 1. I understand that 2. He has told me before that he never deletes anything out of his phone and thats why I am confused on why he is saying this now. 3. he has other girls on there too that he talked to before we were dating but he didn't delete there. and 4. he said he deleted hers because it was stupid and didn;t mean anything.
Im just confused on what to do?


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  • Without knowing you or your boyfriend, it is very hard to say what is going on, if I knew the two of you personally and I saw what was going on, then I would be able to tell you and him what is going on. Sit down in a calm manner and talk to him, I know it can be hard because I too have had the same issues with past women and know exactly what you're going through. Don't get argumentive with him, just sit down and talk in a calm manner, things will go further if you do it that way.


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  • WOAH!! Okay, calm down!!! Take a deep breath, go outside, and walk in the forest and look at the pretty animals and stuff!! yes!! and then ummm... just calm down ya know? nothing's sooo serious...


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  • You need to deal with yourself and your trust issues, before you can have a productive relationship with someone. Maybe you should just let him go, because trust is HUGE in a relationship