Can you please advise, on how do you escalate?

I have been dating with the girl, and in my opinion I was moving too fast with touching, she got out from bad relationship when a guy cheated on her and might have trust issues. She did tell me to not touch her. then she said that she only sees me as a friend after me saying that i am a virgin. And I decided not to contact her, as I have been dating many girls and ended up as a friend or it just ended. Thus she contacted me herself being afraid that I would never contact her. I told her that I don't want to be friends, period and we went out for a music concert. She is now more freely accepting the touching and holding hands and hugging. I am now puzzled about how do i go into kissing, as its been a while since i last time kissed a girl.


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  • I think you will eventually know when you can kiss her. You can try easing into it by like leaning in and kissing her cheek. But if you are touching each other, dont be afraid to kiss her neck then go up to her lips. If she pulls away when you kiss her neck, then obviously dont go for her lips and back up a bit.

  • She likes you and was afraid of loosing you. That said you should take it slow and not force anything. Kissing will come naturally when the time is right


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