Guys, is it strange that a guy actually told me "i'm a shy guy" out of the blue during our first date? Have you ever done that?

I really like this guy Nate. I've been on a few dates with him so far. I know he really likes me too. It's fairly obvious he likes me. During the first date, he at one point just said "well.. i'm a shy person". I like shy guys. I don't mind that he said it. But I'm just curious… I don't think most men would say that outright during a first date. Because most guys even if they are shy want to appear "cool", isn't it rare that he just said that? Like does that mean he's gotta be EXTREMELY shy? As in does that explain why I always have to initiate convos/texting/plans for dates? He always replies timely and agrees happily to go on whatever I propose and uses a bunch of !'s and smiley faces in all his texts. He's super sweet but hell will freeze over before he initiates texts/plans. What do you guys think?


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  • There are two good reasons to say this. One is to let you know so that if you aren't into that, you'll both part ways after this date. If you did leave, it would hurt for him but he didn't invest too much emotion into you and your relationship.
    Two, he's preemptively saying it so that if there are lots of awkward silences during your date, you know it's because he's shy and not because he's disinterested.

    The second reason is more probably than the first, but both are good reasons to do it.

    And yes, that's why you have to initiate so much right now. He doesn't want to feel like he is bothering you. He should open up more soon enough.


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  • He probably did it just to let you know that that's the reason he's quiet. He doesn't want you to think it's because he doesn't like you or because he's stuck up. He wants you to give him a chance to get comfortable before opening up to you.

  • I think he said it to see your reaction and look for reassurance that he is the kind of guy you are interested in/looking for.


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