I suck at kissing!

Help me peeps! Please..

This guy and me got together and we happened to kiss in bed(nothing but that happen).Every time I tried to kiss him I was basically given him pecks.His mouth was a little open but I kept closing mine.Fyi: it was was first kiss too.


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  • hey, the two biggest mistakes in kissing are

    A) Too much open mouth. This tends to happen with new kissers when it all starts to get pretty intense. Keep in mind, you aren't trying to eat their head. THis just gets messy, and is really no fun for anyone.

    B)Tight mouth/lips. His sounds like your problem, and it is typically with somene who is new, and hence uncomfortable. Loosen up a little, it will be better for both of you. A good starting place is to think of how your moth fits on a glass when youare dinking something. The space between your lips is similar to how it should be in kissing. As it gets more intense, being a little bit more open isn't bad, and you can add tongue and stuff.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Can't really teach how to kiss... Hmm let me think.. When I kiss (this is my own way I guess) I try to feel
    how she/he (yes he or she) wants to kiss and how much I feel I should use my mouth and my tongue. I suppose think of it like water flowing around a river? I try to match what they are doing and progress from there; whether or not it turns into heavier kissing or more. If the person's good at kissing it seems they kinda do the same thing and it turns into rough amounts of tongue and biting even and can quickly turn into oral and so on. I say this cause if you're good at kissing or kiss heavy the guy might get the wrong impression that you want to do more so I'd try not to kiss too intensely if the girls like a virgin or something (it's like gay guys are never virgins xD). Anyway yeah and I wish you luck! Guys can get real grabby straight or not!

  • How cute...

    Hmmm... open your mouth a little more. Don't be shy about that. The secret to good kissing is using the bottom lip more.

    Here's a cheesy, but helpful video. Good luck. Happy kissing



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  • OMG I just got a boyfriend and I never made out with a guy before him and he's very experienced so I was nervous haha. But it was OK because I told him that I never made out with anyone and asked him to teach me...you basically just kiss...and keep kissing. When you first kiss...it's just a regular peck..nothing to worry about :) Then the second or third peck...you let your lips rest on each others' lips and open your mouths and play with each others' tongues ;) Trust me, you'll get used to it after the first few times hahaha

  • Don't think about it! I've been told many times that I'm a good kisser and the secret is don't think twice about it. Just react honestly to the other person!

    • But I don't open my mouth I'm scared that I'm mess it up haha.