Going mini golfing for first date need a good bet to make with her?

So were going mini golfing for our first date and she wanted to bet on it so we decided that the winner picked what the loser had to do. The trick is we can't reveal our bets until after the 9th hole so no one throws the game (too soon).

Easy options would be a kiss or a second date but those are too easy and kinda presumptuous. Any ideas on ones that are slightly flirty and would make for fun evening?


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  • A kiss and a date. If you do more sexual it will seem like you only want to fck. If you go less sexual it will seem like you made a new buddy.
    A kiss and a date.


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  • The loser has to make the first kiss and pick the next place for the second date. It seems like you 2 have a good vibe already and will have a fun date. Good luck. :)

  • How bout a walk after the game hold hands and if lucky u win both the kiss and the 2nd date!

  • She's got to carry you to the car or give you a kiss.


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