Does it sound like I'm just her rebound?

Friend lives with two girls. Girl A I've known for a while, girl B I've only met more recently. Girl A used to like me, girl B came out of a 2 year relationship 2 months ago. She was dumped through Facebook. Friend invites me round every so often, me and girl B start to get to know each other a bit. I'm at their house watching a film, friend goes to bed then and girl A goes to bed.

Me and girl B get close and start kissing. She says we shouldn't tell anyone in case girl A get's hurt. We exchange numbers. Girl B then messages me on Facebook to say she's told girl A about what happened and that girl A is OK about it.

Me and girl B have arranged to go on a date next week.

Does it sound like I'm simply a rebound?

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They broke up about 2 months ago and were dating for around 18 months to 2 years. He ended it via Facebook. As far as I know she's not had contact with him since.


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  • Well first of all how long ago did they break up?

    • I mean it's possible that it's a rebound, everyone has different ways of dealing with breakups and paces of being over it, I would say though just don't rush anything and take your time and getting to know her etc. and always follow your gut instincts


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  • Kind of does she is trying to get over him by dating


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  • It doesn't sound like it but I don't know of a good way to tell.