She says she's to busy. I'm willing or believe but not sure.?

This girl iv been on a couple of dates with says she's to busy because she is right in the middle of exam period and she's stressed. Now iv accepted that and gave her space but I'm just wondering, cause she never texts me and doesn't flirt and says she's to stressed and busy at the moment. What should I do? I'm inclined to believe her cause she tells our mutual friend that she likes me but she wants to go slow. I'd just expect a least a little flirt or company. Thoughts?


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  • Leave her be until after her exams. Then revisit things with her.


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  • I would say just give her some space and time. You don't want to come off as clingy, especially during this time in her life because she will probably remember everything that you did due to the stressful situation and interruptions.

    Just don't expect anything from her. Expectance will most likely lead to your own downfall.

    Go with the flow.