GIRLS: Based on the INCLUDED Facebook conversation, am I over-reacting to this ONE message, or not?

Was exchanging messages on FB with a girl (we are in a science club in university), seemed kind of OBVIOUS we both had interest on some level based on things iN PERSON. Here's the FB convo (taking place over a little bit 'cause I was at work)...

Her: Ok, here's the link to post the thing in
Me: Alright, the job is done :)
Her: Awesome :) you're already gaining points for your position :P [in the club, she means]
Me: That's good because points are what makes my world turn :P
Her: haha whatever :P
Me: I'm dead serious
Her: Haha I can feel the sarcasm
Me: lol just the product of a long day at work

She saw that message and didn't say anything back... I FLIPPED OUT from that, got depressed, and started to doubt her liking me... but is there really anything left to say? I do that to her sometimes and it's not because I don't like her. Not sure if I'm over-analyzing, or is she sending a sign?


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  • You're way overreacting. The conversation was done. She probably had nothing else to say. That means nothing about her not liking you. Seriously you need to get a grip if little things like that conversation ending freak you out.


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  • Woah, bro. I hope for her sake that this is the last time you two communicate. The fact that you're overreacting after she was obviously flirting with you too, shows instability on your part. I truly think you need to talk to somebody.

  • You sound very emotional. Too emotional over nothing. It doesn't sound like she's flirting either for the record

    • Yeah I was over-reacting... but yes, she was definitely flirting lol not in the context of what I have written here, but based on things IN PERSON. Been going through smoking withdrawals so that's part of the reason I'm off the walls...

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  • I think you are greatly overreacting.

    you were being sarcastic. do points for your position in the science club really make your world turn? Of course not, so you were being sarcastic. She commented on it.

    don't read into things. no signs were sent, seemed like a rather innocuous conversation

  • You need to get a grip on reality if you 'Flip out' for someone not replying to your Facebook message. There wasn't anything in your last message that needed a response.