Girls what guy activities do you like doing on dates?

So these are the type of dates that involve you and your bf doing something that he usually does with his friends. For example, playing squash, playing video games etc etc. What other similar activities do you enjoy doing with your bf?


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  • Tennis, Handball, Badminton, American football, Running, Fishing, Paintball, Hunting or go out and watch a race, boxing etc. really anything I am not picky at all as long as he is interested in it. I find almost everything interested, since I always look on the positive sides.


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  • if your looking to actually get active.

    Lazer tag
    Go-cart driving
    Movies (Kinda the usual) [ Spice it up, Maybe a movie at your place or hers just the two of you]

    Really You can find all of that at any gaming place you know the ones they call "Fun stations" with everything in it.

  • Video games, going to comic book stores, watching action flicks or anime, any type of sport really.. But i don't really consider those things guy activities cause I'd do most on my own anyway.

  • Videos games and he really liked to shoot BB guns. He had rifles and pistols and shot guns but he liked shooting birds and squirrels with bbs.

    • You enjoyed torturing animals with BBs as a date?

    • Uh. I had fun with him. Didn't matter what we were doing. He had fun doin it. I love to see him smile. So yeah I did.

  • going bowling, to the movies, ice skating, getting frozen yogurt, just random fun stuff! oooh or mini golf :)


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