I'm having a lot of trouble getting a gf? Any help?

I've been watching these dating coaches on YouTube and their advice doesn't seem write


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  • Wow. So guys give really terrible advice. Stop listening to coaches. Don't listen to the guys below. You're in your early thirties. Go out and meet people. Just like you have specific attributes you find attractive, women have attributes they see in men. Everyone you're interested in will not be interested in you. That's all there is to it. Rejection does not mean there is anything wrong with you. It also doesn't mean there is something wrong with the woman who rejected you. It means it's a bad fit. If that woman had ignored her lack of interest just to satisfy you, the relationship would have been empty and one sided. You don't want to date a woman who isn't interested in you. All you can do is try and strike out. If you're out of practice or a virgin, you might benefit from Tinder. It's a good way to get someone immediately to go out with you or have sex. Once you have a little more confidence, meeting people is a bit easier. Just don't make the assumption that women owe you anything. If you go on a Tinder date for example, don't expect sex unless that's the direction you are both comfortable heading. Finally, realize that being single is not something to be ashamed of. You're obviously very capable of living alone. Take pride in that. Nobody, man or woman, wants to be with a person who can't live with themselves. If you think being single is a problem you need to face, you're never going to find anyone.

    • Um how is it I'm not a fit when they no nothing about me and are Just going by looks

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    • I didn't say you were a virgin. I said you could be a virgin. Don't act like being a 30-year-old virgin is something to be ashamed of. This whole conversation and that attitude are reminiscent of the mindset Elliot Rodger had that he deserved sex just for being male, and not getting it is shameful. That attitude is only going to hurt you more.

      Body language is a lot more important than you realize. If someone appears desperate, dangerous, or antisocial, that's enough to scare a woman off. This is why I said you need to be confident in yourself. There aren't rules to picking up dates. Assuming that women are coachable or manageable is like associating them with pets. It's not going to work if you go into dating thinking you can trick a woman into liking you.

      The fact that you expected an instant response on a Saturday also makes me think you're a little demanding. Maybe work on that.

    • a lot of men just like me are sad and lonely but that doesn't mean we should be compared to that killer. What I'm feeling is very normal


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  • When was the last time you asked someone out?

  • Too vague. What specifically do you want to know?

    • How to approach a woman I like without being terrified of her.i won't get a gf because I can't even talk to a girl

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    • Because when I smile at them they don't smile back. Isn't that a sign of rejection?

    • Not really. If a woman is not smiling all you need to do is make her smile. Easy day.

  • What do you do for a living? Do you work out? How do you look? Whats your life like?

    • I work in corporate security, not very intense work out but I sweat. Your last question was vague

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    • what kind?

    • I'm not comfortable discussing it