This guy is trying to steal my girlfriend from me?

to try and explain we broke up for a while cause she got upset at me over things , then this guy sort of came into picture.

anyways fast forward to today were friends again and I think she's thinking about getting back with me , we were hanging out almost all of last night and sitting together beside each other most of night at local pub. and we were getting along really good and everything seemed a lot better than before .

but there is this guy that like wants to have sex with her cause she has big boobs and he won't go away and she seems to still enjoy his attention and his physical appearance would still be appealing even though he is an idiot. I don't know i'm getting worried she might still consider fooling around with him even though I think she likes me and would date me , I get the feeling she might also be type who likes hot guys and there is that temptation.

but he won't respect the fact I like her and she is like my girlfriend practically at this point , he just won't go away and I just about want to kill the guy at this point I'm getting so pissed off


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  • Well, dear, the problem is that she ISN'T your girlfriend. Just because you're at a point where its almost like you're back together doesn't mean that you are back together. Maybe she wants to sleep with this guy, and if she does, its 100% her choice. if she does want to do that you aren't part of that decision. She's probably OK with the thought of sleeping with him because she's not in a relationship at the moment, maybe she's waiting for you to ask her out. It doesn't really matter the set of circumstances though. She is still her own person, and you still have no control over her decision.

    • Yep she isn't your GF I agree with you

    • well yeah were not officially back together as bf/gf but are back together as friends after not even being friends for months. should I tell her I'm uncomfortable with the situation and that I'd like us to get back together in an exclusive relationship and that I don't want this guy to have anything to do with us

    • You could do that. There would be no guarantee that she would say yes, obviously, but it may be a good idea anyway. However, the fact that you are already being possessive over her maybe a red flag to her and she may not want to date you whatsoever.


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  • Bluntly, she isn't you're gf yet. So techinically, love is a battlefield and she is up for grabs. That guy has every right to talk to her, and if she isn't telling him to stop, think about that. She is also letting it continue. Otherwise I'm sure she'd make a thing of him being a creep to let you know she only wants you.
    You had your chance with her, and things didn't work out for a reason. If you want her again, dont be jealous. She isn't yours right now. Not yet. Being jealous, will only push her away. Jealousy isn't attractive. Play it kool, be yourself, and if its meant to be, it will be.

    • I know but he came over to talk to her when I was sitting beside her , it was really awkward , he could of at least waited till she was alone. he 's just being a jerk about things and is rude to me , and complains that I like hate him , but he isn't giving me any reason to like him. and how could I possibly like someone who is trying to have sex with my ex gf possible current gf rate in front on me

    • I understand. I'd be pissed if some bitch did the same thing. He's trying to make you out to be insecure and jealous. So dont be. Be kool about it. And if she doesn't care, and lets him do it, find out if she really does want to get back together. She could see you as just a friend and be trying to get with this guy.

  • I don't understand how someone can be "practically" your girlfriend. Either she is committed to you exclusively, or she isn't. If I were you I wouldn't show any signs of jealousy or anger because there is another guy wanting her attention. It will make you appear weak and undesirable.


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  • She isn't your girlfriend. He is fair game. You need to have a good face to face with her. Tell her you love her. Tell her you want to be with her. Tell her you are sorry for what happened before, that you learned from your mistakes, they will never happen again, and they made you a better man. Tell her you want the honor of being her boyfriend so you can show her the man she deserves to be with!!!

    Your time sounds limited, my friend. It won't be long before this other guys settles in!!!

  • get real , your broke up, she is showing him interest , he isn't yours, she fair game