I am 37 years old single mom and my new bf is 28...will this last?

I started dating with my bf since March. We have been dating for almost three months and he has been great. He cooks every weekend for me and he often brings me flowers and chocolate. He is very polite and caring...before he stared dating with me he used to go out every weekend but he said he rather spend time with me now...

I am a single mom of 4 years old boy and he has been understanding my situation and he spend time with both of us... But since we are always with my son we never have romantic date. We all hang out together at his or my place until 8 pm and after my son goes to bed we basically spend 1 or two hours of adult time together ( including bed) and go home... I feel like I haven't been able to do much with him and I wonder he will eventually be tired of this situation. I remember when I was 28 and I was full of energy and I always wanted to do something more than staying home.

He maybe different. I like him very much and he likes me too. But I wonder if our relationship can grow something more than what we are today in this kind of" monotonous" dating situation. we enjoy our time together but since my 4 year old boy needs lots of attention out time is more like spending time with my son.

We have been only dating for three month and we are still at the stage where he says he is still getting to know me. I feel like he doesn't really get to know me " as woman" since i am always beeing a mom...He does not say he loves me and I worry if he will ever be able to grow his feelings only when we can spendtime like this...

He is a tall good looking guy. He gets attention wherever he goes. I am a good looking woman but I am not 28...

Please tell me what you think Abou my situation. My friends think I am insane dating with 10 years younger guy because they believe this won't last long.


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  • two things :
    first if a guy has adjusted to the idea of dating a single mom then he know spend time around you and your son is part of the deal , y'all are still spending time together just not all adult time

    second is age it seems man younger girls with order guys type relationships work out LTR but the odds of a older girl and younger guy lasting for LTR are very slim. I'd say just enjoy it for what it is right now but keep this in mind so you don't get to hurt down the road


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  • This is not an answer, its a comment:

    Whoa! You're dating a guy whos almost 10 years younger than u? Unheard of to me!

  • You should talk to him regarding this matter as I feel he is a great guy and you must not loose him.
    Like ask him whay else he wants.

    • Yes he is a great guy. I hesitate to ask him because he may not be so stressed about this situation and I maybe the only one who is worrying about it..

    • Ok in that case enjoy your moment as long as it lasts.
      But there is chances of heartbreak.
      U can't talk indirectly about that to know his thinking.

  • I feel sorry for him.

    • He said he expected this situation from the beginning...he said he knew it will be like this but I wonder if he will be able to feel the same for a long time...

    • Yea, him thinking he knows, and how it will actually be in the long run is 2 different things.

  • well we are not the ones with magic crystal, you are old enough to decide it by yourself, most of the people are very young to give a solid advice


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  • Well, the biggest thing here is that he's only ever going to get to know you as a mom. You can't just pack up your son and have him not be there for a while. If this man accepts you AND your son as a family type unit that he wants to date, then I think it could last. If he doesn't, then it shouldn't. You have to remember that he's not only dating you, but he's applying for potential father-figure to your son. You have to think about the both of you.

  • Age really doesn't matter. I have family members where the woman is 13 years older than male and married when she was 40 and he 27. Plus they have been married 20 years. And btw, she already had 4 sons from another marriage but they were grown. He probably doesn't care about the attention from others, he is too busy looking at you :)