How do I tell him I don't want to see him anymore?

i'm 23 and for 2 years i was so in love with someone who left me. I've been seeing a new guy but he doesn't make me happy as i was with my ex. i know i can't have my ex back but i would like to be happy again and my new guy just isn't doing it. he's sweet. is so good to me i liked him but now i'm not sure anymore. he doesn't make me happy and he's in love with me. he was with a girl for 6 years and even engaged to her untill she left him for another man and it broke him. he said he said he forgot and i make him so happy. i did tell him i i didn't want to hurt him and that he should really give me some time as i still have love for my ex. he understood and i was relieved. but he went right back to being clingy and touching me and talking about babies and even marriage! i don't know what to do anymore. i want to see what else is out there. someone who can help me forget. who i can fall in love with again and this guy just isn't the one. i don't love him i'm not falling for him and I've spent a lot of time with him. I've tried to get to know him and love him but the more i try the more unhappy i am. i don't want to hurt him but he's going to be hurt either way. but i don't want to be unhappy the rest of my life. what do i do?


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  • You simply tell him that he is not the one and its over.

    It seems that he was so broken up about his last girlfriend that he was looking for someone to replace her but not really someone else if you know what i'm saying? I think he was using you in a way.
    For him to be devastated by something like his love leaving him is understandable.. short a proper amount of time though, maybe a year or so but if he couldn't pick himself up as an individual and move on thennnn that's a red flag.. Why was he so dependent on his EX? Why did she have the power to break him in the first place? No human being should give that kind of power to another human being. He needs to work on loving himself and stop looking for someone to fill his EX girlfriends shoes. He needs to be able to thrive on his own at any point, and happily, before he should ever enter another relationship.. because if not, he'll keep being "broken".

    • for a short proper amount of time*

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  • Say I don't want to be with you any more. If he asks why tell him you want to be with other guys and not him. Honesty is always the best way to be

  • Do u meet him often .. ?


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