Asked out My Crush and She Said Yes! Although...?

I finally worked up the courage to ask this girl out, so I went to her house to ask her. I was super nervous, if she couldn't tell already, but I told her she was super cool and I'd like to take her out soon. After talking for a minute, she said yes!

We already knew each other pretty well so it wasn't awkward, but I was freaking out inside after she agreed. So, when I asked her for her phone# I might have not got it right-cause I really wasn't thinking of her number haha..

But I texted and called her (not crazy just a couple times) the next two days and nothing!

Was she just being nice at the time and said "yes" but didn't really mean it? Or did I really get her number wrong and she genuinely wants to hang out soon?

Being a pretty shy girl herself, she won't call or text me first I feel.

I don't have many opportunities to run into her either..hmmm opinions?

It looks like I should just go back over to her house and tell her that I was so nervous that I entered a wrong number.

If she says that I didn't (hinting to my previous contact) then Ill just say "thats a shame" and leave


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  • You didn't get her number right 'cause you were nervous asking her out. You may have to go back to her place and explain. She'll understand. Stuff like that happens.


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  • Yah, just go back to her house and say the number is wrong in your phone. Tell her she is so beautiful that you got all flustered and inputed the number wrong. She will love that!

  • Ask a mutual friend if you got her number right. If you want to take the extra step of not being a creap/ being a gentleman ask a friend to call her and tell her you need to ask her something then ask her yourself. If you had the right number don't mention anything about unreturned calls/texts; take it as the sign she intended it to be and move along.

  • Go back too her house and ask her too lunch dinner whatever

  • I am in a similar situation? How well did you know the girl