We need a break will she be with me or is it over?

Me and my fiance have been with each other for 16 months, its a LDR she has 2 kids, shes' 31 I'm 24, we got into an argument on Labor Day, then she says that she loves me but we need a break and we need space, I didn't follow that I ordered flowers from her thinking she'll get them the next day she got them on Saturday since I've been calling her since the break all the way up to Thursday being a bitch telling her I miss her etc etc, until she says: You don't understand when I mean don't call and text don't, and if you call again I'm blocking your number" so, what do I do is it over?


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  • Give her the space she asked for. You're doing yourself no favors by constantly talking to her. She'll contact you in a bit or she won't. I wouldn't jump into bed with another girl tonight, but I would assume yourself to be single. You probably shouldn't start dating for at least a couple months (that way, if she decides the break's over, you won't have to explain the other girl) but after a few months, if she hasn't contacted you, you can date and explain that she called for the break...

    16 months is rather quick for an engagement...no offense.


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  • She's over it. How much space or break can y'all have after having a long distance relationship?
    She probably found a man that can take care of her and her kids. You are just a kid in her eyes.
    I would suggest you move on, but we all know you will wait for her and try to get her back. It all depends on how much you want to suffer. You can just move on and have a little pain. Or get back with her and a year or two down the marriage you'll regret it. If she's not that into you now what makes you think things will change?

  • You're a kid in her eyes


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