Crush on a nerdy guy. What do I do now?

So I like this nerdy guy and I decided to tell him. I wrote him that I like him very much and a bit later that I am sorry if that was a bit unexpected. Later he wrote that he was indeed surprised but that I don't have to be sorry about it ( ;-) ). A few weeks ago I asked him whether he wants to dance at our graduation prom with me. He accepted and now we have dancing classes at school. It was a bit weird at first due to what happened but we now seem to have reached an almost normal state again. We were told to look into our partner's eyes and that was a problem for both of us... we both looked slightly at each other but most of the time not. But we can laugh together again. I just don't know what to do. He is very very shy and I am shy as well. How does that continue now? I thought about talking to him again like: hey! Sorry again that I wrote all that by text. I really like you and would want to do somethimg together. Because I think he might think I made a joke or something...
And it is also very soon so will only be able to see him a few times before prom.
Please help me! I feel scared and a bit ashamed and very very insecure.

At first thank you for your answers!
What's worrying me is that I really don't now if he likes me back.
He's a very factual person and so intelligent! Though he is never rude or anything I am scared that he might not like me back...


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  • Don't mention about the letter again because you will both go shy again, he probably fancies you to bits so just ask him if he wants to meet you and do something, as you said he's a shy nerd so your gonna have to be the alpha In this until he's really comfy around you :)
    Just ask him!!! :)))


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  • When I was that age I was a super computer nerd. That was before computers were household items. But I would have been shocked a girl liked me. All you can do is keep letting him know you want to do things with him and try your best not to be shy. eventually you both will get comfortable with each other and you will be fine. it is never easy when your is still awkward at my age...

  • He likes you girl don't worry, he just needs time to get used to his approach to it.

    Man, where were you back when I was in high school.

  • Take charge a bit. I was very shy in high school and it was a relief when a girl reassured me I didn't need to worry about her liking me (I was shy because I was afraid people wouldn't like me). Tell him you're awkward and he's awkward and you what to be awkward together.

  • you dont need to apologize again, since he told you, you dont need to be sorry. we like when girls tell us how they feel and thats great that you were able to. you just need to learn how to do it in person. you can't live the rest of your life, writing notes to the guys you like. just go up to him and say, hey, we should hang out this weekend. if you can do that, he'll be ecstatic most likely

  • If he is as smart as you say I would recommend just asking him if he likes you, don't rush it try and if he seems a little flustered tell him you don't need a answer right away but your a little scared that he might not like you.

    as a shy guy myself just pure honest really helps because
    a: It gives you something to think about that's more important then being shy
    and B: Tend to form a bit more of a connection with the person because you learn something about them that's important.

    I hope this advice helps in some way and I wish you both the best of luck!


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