Canceled Date?

Had a date organized with this boy for over week, it was suppose to be tonight... but he text me before saying that he can't make it cause its his mates birthday meal and that he completely forgot about it.

Do I believe him or not?

We had spoken about it throughout this week and even through texting last night.

I don't understand and its really upset me as I was so excited...

He knows how much I like him too :(


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  • Believe him for now... If he does it for the next one forget about him.


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  • Just let him be for now, give him a day or two to get back in touch with you first. If he doesn't then decide if you want to contact him and ask if you want to get back in touch with him and see if he wants to meet and do something.

    • Bleh, that was supposed to be added on to my other comment.

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    • Haha... nothing.

      he said he wasn't the 'date type' person and that he isn't looking 4 a full on relationship, which neither was I like but we still talk etc, but I don't know if anything will happen at the mo!! xx

    • Thanks for the update!

  • If you are texting him all the time it could be that he feels you are getting too clingy. Unfortunately from the sound of it, it sounds like he canceled on purpose. On the other hand he didn't want to tell you that he just didn't want to do it which means he didn't want to hurt your feelings.

    I would let it sit for a day or two and then ask him if he would like to reschedule for another time.

    • Yeah... I dunno, I mean I've known him for years and like he came round to watch dvds etc, so its not if he is a new boy who I don't really know...

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    • Hmm... I c ur point...

      haha I don't think I'm really attractive tho haha!

      hmm... he as replied saying that he might b busy 2moro, but that's all x

    • Did he mean he forgot about his plans with you or that he forgot about his plans with his friend? I am not a guy, but if he likes you then it makes sense that he forgot about his plans with his friend, he was excited too...maybe the reason that he didn't try to invite you to the party is because an ex girlfriend is there, or maybe it's a no-girls night so they can flirt it up. He probably likes you, I think he deserves a second chance.

  • You know, if I were that guy, and if I liked you enough (even just as a friend) I'd be trying to invite you along to my buddy's party. Doesn't exactly matter where the date is, it's that I'd still try to spend lots of time with you.

    If that couldn't work, I'd try to do both, and explain the situation.

    I'd still try to make it up and have a special date, of course, just us two (so I'd be making a counter offer to show that I'm still interested).

    You could give him the benefit of the doubt, but be cautious. This is showing "flaky" behavior at the very least; and you don't want to date a flaky person. Yes, everyone screws up (unlikely something like his friend's birthday party would be forgotten about, but it's possible), so you trust him on this one. But, you don't rush to be with him. Keep showing interest, but don't jump through hoops.

    If he flakes again, though, forget him and move on.

  • I think far too many people are jumping the gun here.

    I forget plans all the time, and if he made plans with his mate before you, then usually that takes precedent. The thing to keep in mind is if he said sorry, and if he makes an effort to reschedule. I'm sure he is very excited to see you, that's probably why he forgot his friends party haha.

    So just sit back and wait for him to reschedule. So long as you keep up the texting, everything should be good!

  • Believe him for now. You are cute and flirty, guys like that. But if he is anything like me, I forget junk all the time.

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  • I will make this simple. He is not that interested in you. It doesn't matter that he knows you like him too. Unfortunately he is not that in to you. A guy who is wouldn't be so wishy washy, saying he needs to get to know you when the two of you have known each other for a while. A guy who sees you as a potential romantic partner would be beating down your door for this date. Also, don't text him anymore. You will not get him to admit that he isn't that in to you. No guy wants to say something like that. They just do things like cancel dates, don't answer texts, don't pursue you, etc.