He practically said were in an open relationship?

So me and my guy friend have been intimate for nearly a year. Only this month have we begun having sex (which was great). But before hand we was talking about girls being unfaithful and he said 'I'm single so I can kinda freelance... Even though I'm with you.' (Which pretty much means open relationship, right?)

Anyways we've never spoke about this and when I asked what we was a few months ago he said nothing 'we was just having fun'. So he's suddenly had a change of mind.

Thing is he knows I won't sleep with anyone else as i don't like sleeping around so he's basically getting all the benefits yet he gets extremely jealous when I'm with other guys. Like I don't mind a open relationship as sex is what I want anyways but does open relationships ever lead anywhere else? And how do I corner him about the jealousy?

P.s also how do I being up the fact with if he's being safe with others? As he's normally good with that thing our end yet sometimes we have done it unprotected?


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  • is an open relationship like a friends with benefits? if so, sometimes one partner develops more feelings for the other and it usually breaks off at that point. tell him that he shouldn't be jealous because you two are in an "open relationship". don't have unprotected sex.


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  • If you're mature enough to be in a sexual relationship, then you should be able to ask him these things openly. If his answers aren't satisfactory to what you're looking for, move on.

  • If you guys are friends with benefits or in an open relationship you don't have to give him an explanation about having sex with other guys.. just do it if you want to, who cares if he gets jealous. He'll get over it.